Monday, July 25, 2011

Long time no seeeeeeeeee!

Damn, I miss you guys.
Well, not really.
Sorry I didn't update for a long time.
It's just that I didn't have enough time to do so.
Came home from work and went straight out to meet up with other bikers every night.
That's what I've been doing since like what, 3 weeks?
My vlogs also is not active for a long time.
Longer than this blog.
Anyway, I'm quitting my job on 31st July.
I'll be getting my pay on 20th August or such.
What I'm gonna do with the money?
The plan is I'm getting a new helmet, pair of gloves and knee and elbow guards.
I'll be giving my dad rm200 for him to pay off the installment for the CBR.
I think that's it.
Maybe I'll be going for some rides.
It's almost Ramadhan already.
Anyway, I'm ok with my gf.
We didn't broke up.
Enough is enough right?
See ya guys later! :D

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

From now on

Hey guys.
So, from now on I'll be quiet about her.
I won't say anything about her.
Not just in this blog but on Facebook too.
If she's saying I'm complaining much, lets see how would she know about me later.
I won't complain anymore but, it doesn't mean everything is alright again.

What's wrong dude?

Heyya guys.
So, just wanna tell you guys what happened to me at work today.
Well, nothing actually.
But, since Kak Hani was on day off and the other girls were far away from me, I got nobody else to talk to.
So, today was kinda lonely.
In that lonely blankness, I almost cried because I was thinking about her.
My thoughts were really messed up because of me thinking about her.
I can't think about something else.
Good thing Kak Mun came later at about 9 p.m.
Well, at least there's somebody still remember me.
She came with her sister.
We talked, like always.
I can't really say anything tonight.
I'm too depressed.
I can't hold on for too long anymore.
If you're reading this Intan (no more hiding), give your answer/decision.
Everything is in your hand now.
If you want to end this, I'll be prepared.
Your belongings will be returned.
I can't keep all these things anymore.
Just send me an sms whether you want this to end or you want to save our relationship.
But, I just wanna say, if you want our relationship to be saved, you have to mean it.
If you're just saying, then, I won't let you.
It's no use to save our relationship if you're not even trying.
I can't do it alone.
Not anymore.
You got 5 more days to respond and fix everything(if you want to save the relationship).
For everything.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cromok - Another You cover



I never forget what you did because I always forget what I did.
I never forget what you said because I always forget what I said.
I never forget what you give because I always forget what I gave.
I never forget when you said I love You because I always forget when was the last time I said the same.
I never forget how much you love me because I always forget to love you back.
I never forget how did you break my heart because I always forget how did I break your's.

When in love, we always think about ourselves.
When in love, happiness comes before pain and suffering.
When in love, we pretend to care.
When in love, we all have a story to share.
When in love, it all ends with suffering.

True love would go through all that and survive just to tell the how beautiful it is.
If we could not cope with all of these, then we won't deserve a true LOVE.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't fucking complain?

Hello everybody.
This is to you guys who thinks I'm such a jerk.
Complain everything in this blog.
Well, you guys know what?

This is my blog.
I've told everybody that this blog is where I let go of my feelings and stress!
If you're saying I like to complain, well sir, go and shoot yourself in the head.

FYI, I got nobody else to talk to and nobody wants to listen to me.
Not like you guys, I only have this blog to let go of my feelings.
If you got a problem with that, please, click UN-FOLLOW.
Got that?

The final blow

Hello guys.
Tomorrow I'll be going to work at 9 a.m and I don't think I could write it all by that time.
So, I'm updating right now.
So, tomorrow the fair for the company I'm working for is gonna pack everything and I'll be moving upstairs.
Goodbye everybody.
Anyway, I just did the final blow.
What is it?
I just said that I gave her just one week to fix everything.
If not, then bye bye.
You get the point right?
I've been thinking after I wrote everything that she did and everything that I hate, she still doesn't know!
What the fuck is that bullshit?
Well, whatever!
I think I just proved that she didn't even read my blog.
I think I just wasted my time writing all those things!
You know what dear?

My life is full of bullshits.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Selamat sejahtera semua.
Kali ini saya mahu menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu sekali lagi kerana orang yang saya sayang ni tak baca pun apa yang saya tulis.
Tadi balik kerja dalam keadaan penat.
Balik balik buka Facebook.
Buka buka Facebook, NAH!
Banyaknya gambar tagged si dia itu.
Saya ingatkan apa, rupanya ada event.
Saya ingat dia keluar pergi bersosial ka apa lah tadi.
Tak apalah.
Tengok la profile member member dia.
Ada gambar gambar dia lagi.
Tapi itu gambar lama lah.
Gambar dia pergi ke Pulau Pinang untuk buat 'assignment' tu.
Gambar apa yang ada dalam tu?
Tak banyak.
Ada gambar dia dengan member member, gambar dia posing depan kereta 'old school' dan gambar gambar mereka berkaraoke.
Macam yang saya dah cerita dekat Kak Mun, saya lebih suka perempuan kampung.
Perempuan kampung lebih simple dan pandai menjaga tatasusila mereka.
Secara jujurnya, saya tak suka perempuan yang suka bersosial (ramai kawan kawan lelaki itu tak apa) dan berkerjaya.
Perempuan yang bersosial lebih mudah untuk terjebak dalam dunia kehancuran.
Kenapa saya tak suka perempuan berkerjaya?
Sebab anak anak dan kerja di rumah akan terabai.
Cuba anda semua fikirkan betul betul.
Anda mahu anak anak kita hancur kerana kita mengabaikan tanggungjawab kita?
Orang yang sepatutnya memberikan pembelajaran kepada anak adalah kita sendiri.
Cikgu memberi pembelajaran untuk diri mereka mencapai cita cita.
Tapi pengajaran yang mereka peroleh dari kita adalah untuk berjaya dalam kehidupan.
Ok, kembali kepada tajuk.
Saya mengaku banyak kali dah.
Saya ni seorang yang kuat CEMBURU.
Bayangkan anda ni saya.
Anda ternampak banyak gambar gambar si dia dengan member member dia yang bercampur laki dan perempuan.
Apa yang anda tengok dulu?
Mesti lah dia kan?
Seterusnya orang yang di sebelahnya.
Bila kita tengok sebelah dia ada lelaki yang kita tak kenal lepas itu duduk rapat rapat.
Apa yang anda akan rasa?
Mesti lah CEMBURU, kan?
Ok, mungkin tidak sebab anda bukan macam saya.
Patutkah saya sambung panjang panjang?
Tak perlu rasanya.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

To all those people that just knew me

Hello guys.
Welcome to my blog again.
In this post I'm gonna say a few things that most of you already know.
But, this is for my new friends at my workplace.
Anyway, I'm really not that good (if you think I'm a good person).
I'm hot tempered and VERY easy to get mad and angry.
Few people know this but I'm very jealousy.
Not jealous of rich and wealthy and have a good life people.
I meant I could be jealous at a person that I like or love.
You get the point right?
I'm not strong.
I'm not energetic.
I'm not a sports person (I don't play any sports).
I'm shy.
Don't like to be cheated eventhough I trust everything I hear (that's why I hate being cheated or lied).
I don't like to fight.
I don't like quarreling in public.
My voice is not good when I sing.
If I was too angry or mad, my hand could easily be on your face.
My hobby is writing blogs and riding motorcycle (maybe you already knew that).
I'm taken.
Yes, taken.
Not single, ladies.

I have to go out now.
I'll continue later.
Later dude and dudess!

Friday, July 8, 2011


On my previous post I forgot to mention Kak Mun!
Kak Mun (always mess with her, she's the only one that's only one year older from me, cute and fun to mess with).

Very long eh?
Of course.
To make it up for forgetting her yesterday.

She's very cute. Seriously.
If I'm not with somebody I could really fall for her. LoL.

See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I don't want to die!

Hey , hello, hi, sawadikap and everything else.
So, how's my day at work?
Not so good.
My legs keeps on aching and with me lack of sleeps making my progress a bit slow.
I used to give smile a lot.
Now, not so much.
I talk a lot too!
I talk with (most of the time) Kak Simaa (don't know the real spelling, sorry! talked about saka!) , Kak Irah (cute,cute :D), Kak Farha (nice and very fun to talk too), Kak Hani (very matured and fun too).
I rarely talk to Kak Mirah and Kak Ifah.
Okay Kak Simaa.
There you go.
Don't kill me!


Another 'poem' by me.
Not really.

How could I be the one when you're looking at number two.
How could I win your heart when you're losing you're trust.
How could I catch you when you're not falling for me.
How could I be there when you're not here.
How could I be your star when you're chasing the moon.
How could I answer when you're not asking.
How could I tell when you're not listening.
How could I try when you're not looking.
How could I prove when you're denying.
How could I trust when you're lying.
How could I fly when you're not the wing.
How could I sail when you're not the wind.
How could I follow when you're not leading.
How could I say something when you're listening something.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hello hello hello.
So, what happened today?
Went to work at 1 o'clock noon and there's not many customer!
I was talking a lot when working and I mean A LOT!
Me, Kak Farha, Kak Irah, Kak Mirah and Kak Syima. (Kak Ifah and Kak Hani didn't talk a lot like we did) were talking all day.
I think our relationship when working are very good now.
But, hey, I'm the youngest there.
I have a lot to learn from them.
So, today, basically nothing much happened to me.

Here's a song called Today by Smashing Pumpkins.
An old song.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Song for you guys

Before I go to work today, just wanna give you guys some good musics to listen to.
It's because less people listen to GOOD music.
Btw, to anyone that doesn't know, I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER, period.



Hello guys and girls.
I don't think there's any guys here. Heheh.
Ok ok.
Just now, after work, Jebat text me and said they're hanging out at Sup Gearbox.
So, I went there and had some drinks with them.
Before I went there, I was like, "I'm the youngest amongst them.I might be the most silent person there."
It was totally different!
I was the most big mouth! (I think)
Anyway, we all went back home at around 1.30 a.m just now.
YES, 1.30 a.m (morning).
Now I'm tired and want to get some sleep.
Now, you guys must be wondering what is TTS in the tittle right?

It stands for 'Teh Tarik Session'. Heheheh.

Okay, see you soon.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Miss me?

So you said you miss me.
I never saw that feeling anywhere.

1.Miss me?
Contact me.
2.I'm angry?
Persuade me.
3.Love me?

Number 1 and 2 you never did.
How about number 3?
I don't think so.

If you're saying I don't want to text you, think again.
I've been waiting for the past 3 weeks for you to text me.
I know we were fighting for only about a week.
Before that did we text?
I don't think so.
If you don't have time for me.
If you don't want to persuade me.
If you don't even want to TRY to persuade.
PLEASE, just leave me.
It's better that way.
If you read this, it's your choice.
It's your life now.
Not mine.
It all depends on you.
Show that you love me.
If you really do that is.

I'll be waiting for the answer.

Happy 9th Month Anniversary

Happy 9th Month Anniversary, dear.
I know it's too early.
Should have been around 11.45 p.m.
But that time I will be dead tired.
So, that's it.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Hey guuuuyss!
I'm just a few more minutes just to go to work.
Just a quick update before I go to work.
My other blog is running smooth.
Well, sorta.
I got many ideas for it actually.
Kinda good.
Last night, my old friend was chatting with me.
She asked what would I feel when somebody talk badly about ourselves.
Well, I told her I know what feeling would that be because I've experienced it a lot longer than she has.
She called me when I was sleeping.
I didn't pick it up because I was fast asleep and it was in silent mode.
So, anyway, she didn't contact me for a long, long time.
Now when she needs me, she comes to me.
Well, basically I don't mind but..
No worries.
I don't care about it actually.
We are good friends anyway.
That's it I guess.
See ya!

New blog!

Since your responses were too late, I made the new blog!

Check it out and don't forget to follow!

Give me your opinion

Hey guys!
I just wanna ask you guys.
When I was at work just now, I was thinking about making another blog.
But this time in Malay.
It won't be about me.
But I'll be criticizing people,things,events or whatever I have in mind.
So, I want your opinion about it and I think it is a good idea.
Please all my viewer,that's Malay or whoever that can read Malay, give me your thoughts.
All ideas and thoughts will be credited and thanks to.
Thank you. :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Berbahasa Melayu.

Sorry to my English viewers (if there's any), but this is in my language and to my people.
Check out my other blogs.
Okay, di sini saya nak berbahasa Melayu lah sikit.
Ini kali pertamalah saya berbahasa Melayu dalam blog saya ni.
Saya akan menggunakan bahasa buku berana saya tak suka shortform.
Merosakkan bahasa dan bangsa Melayu di dunia sejagat.
Di sini saya nak memaki hamun sikitlah kan fasal apa yang berlaku kat dalam hidup saya sekarang ni.
Perkara pertama adalah, hal kekasih saya (awek) yang berlaku kira kira dua hari lepas.
Anda semua sepatutnya sudah tahu bahawa beliau pergi ke Pulau Pinang seperti yang saya tulis dalam blog sebelum sebelum ni.
Ok, apa yang saya tak puas hati?
Saya tulis dalam bahasa Melayu ni supaya semua boleh faham.
Sebab dah banyak kali saya tulis tapi ada yang tak faham.
Saya dah tak larat nak bermetafora lagi, jadi saya akan terus teranglah.
Saya masih tak faham kenapa beliau perlu pergi ke Pulau Pinang sebenarnya.
Alasan yang diberi hanya bertulis "tempat assignment tak boleh sama".
Sampai sekarang saya tak faham benda tu.
Jadi, kalau sesiapa faham tu tolong terangkan.
Lagi satu, saya tahu ini adalah kerja kumpulan (group work katanya), tapi apa yang saya tak setuju fasal tu adalah percampuran lelaki dan perempuan.
Sebab saya jeles?
Saya dah cakap saya akan terus terang.OK?
Bukan sebab itu saja.
Disebabkan orang yang saya sayang tu adalah perempuan (saya bukan homoseksual ya) jadi, saya tak percayakan seorang lelaki pun yang berada di sekitar beliau walaupun kawan saya sendiri.
Nafsu lelaki sangatlah berbahaya.
Kenapa saya cakap macam itu?
Saya lelaki, saya tahu.
Seterusnya, saya tak tahu jalan jalan di Pulau Pinang.
Kalau ada apa apa hal, saya tak boleh pergi tolong.
Saya ni bukanlah orang yang kuat imannya, tapi saya tak suka percampuran lelaki dan perempuan macam tu.
Saya agak terkejut.
Bukan agak tapi memang terkejut selepas mendapati ramai dari kalangan kawan kawannya adalah lelaki (yang pergi ke Pulau Pinang).
Cuba anda bayangkan.
Bagaimana kalau lelaki lelaki tersebut adalah orang yang bukan orang yang baik?
Apa akan terjadi?
Anda fikirkan sendiri.
Saya yang berada jauh dari mereka dan terutama sekali dari orang yang saya cintai itu tidak boleh berbuat apa apa dan hanya boleh menyesali insiden tersebut.
Mungkin anda dan kamu (orang yang tercinta) terfikir, "Alah, kau ni over ja. Mereka itu kawan saya. Saya percaya dengan mereka."
Ini saya nak bagi tahu, kamu ingat tak lagi apa yang berlaku kepada saya pada tahun lepas?
Kejadian yang menyebabkan saya merana seumur hidup disebabkan terlalu PERCAYA.
Ingat lah!
Ya, saya mengongkong!
Ya, saya kuat cemburu!
Tapi, setelah saya memberi tahu banyak kali, kamu seolah olah tidak mengendahkannya.
Ok, sudah fasal tu.
Kemudian, apakah kamu berasa seronok berbuat hal sedemikian?
Dalam Facebook kamu saya tengok seronok tak sudah ya.
Ingatlah pada nasihat saya.
Hubungan kita tak stabil.
Kenapa kamu lebih pentingkan hal hal berikut berbanding hal hubungan kita?
Oh ya.
Kamu buat kerja.
Kamu ada banyak tugasan dari pensyarah pensyarah yang jarang masuk ke kuliah.
Saya faham sangat sangat lah keadaan kamu itu.
Sebelum ia terlambat.
Kamu fikirkanlah.
Peluang sentiasa saya berikan.
Jangan sampai saya tutup peluang itu.
Pilihlah jalan yang kamu mahukan.
Jika tidak maka tidaklah.
Semua demi kebaikkan semua pihak.
Sampai di situ sahaja ucapan dalam bahasa Melayu saya dalam blog ini.
Jumpa di lain hari di lain masa.


Hey guys.
Three words.
Epic leg sore.
I had to stand for 5 straight hours and only getting one hour rest then continue another 5 hours of standing.
I wasn't too tired if it's not my legs.
They're the ones which makes me tired.
Anyway, my first day is kinda good.
But, a surprise came to me when one of the employee asked me my name.
When she knew my name, she asked "From the blog?".
I was like "Huh?How did you know?".
She said her sister is one of my reader.
I wonder who she is?
No worries babe.
I met someone who I don't really know because I just call her Akak.
I asked her name and she said just call her that.
She's nice.
Very, very nice.
We get along quickly since she's the one who talk to me first.
If she didn't then I won't too.
Cute too.
Just kidding.
It seems like fun but my leg is making it not fun. T_T+