Friday, April 29, 2011


Hey guys!
Sorry I haven't updated for so long.
It's because I'm kinda busy lately.
The title says it all.
I got a few interviews to attend to.
Today, I have to attend one at Perda Tech and I'm still not sleeping. LOL
This Monday, my dad and I are gonna go to Gurun to ask the Institut Kemahiran Langkasuka for some infos about getting into the college.
Then, this Thursday, I have to attend an interview somewhere in Penang (I forgot where it is) for MERCEDES BENZ!
I really really really hope I could get into the Mercedes Benz academy.
So. wish me luck guys!
Please and thank you!
See ya!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Today is a boring day

Hey guys.
Today is a boring day.
I woke up at about 2p.m today.
I took a bath and went down to do the laundry but somebody has done it.
Went out to buy some food.
And Facebooking, Youtube-ing, Mudah-ing and so on.
Went out with the TZM.
Went back home.
Went out with the CBR with my friend to Laguna Merbok.
Went home and stopped by at Adi's house for a while.
Went home.

That's all.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Biggest fight ever

Hey guys.
For more than 5 months I've been with my gf, and just now, we had like the biggest fight.(I think)
In that 5 months, we never fight nor argue.
But just now, it's like, the world has turned upside down.
I'm becoming me again.
The same guy that was a few years ago.
I don't know why but it's like when I got a gf then when just one particular thing that made me mad will suddenly change my personal identity.
It's like a life switch.
Once that switch is turned on, there's no possible way to turn it off.
Once it is on, I'll become a guy that's short minded, hot tempered, aggressive, hot blooded and so on.
I don't know why.
It happens to all of my exes and my current gf.
What is wrong with me?
I've told her that I' m not the one for her a long time ago.
Now look at us.
I made our relationship brittle.
Maybe I don't deserve to be with her.
Maybe I don't deserve to be with anybody.
Like my ex used to say,"You don't deserve to be with any girl.".
Maybe she's right.
Maybe I am.
What have I done?
Am I too blind to see my own self?
Am I too stupid to notice and wake up from this dream I've been living in?
I would do anything to reverse all of these.
Even if it means risking my life.
I would die for the person I love the most.
I would rather see her with another man as long as she's not suffering with me.
Although I will always cry inside and out when I see her with another man.
I will do the best for her.
And hope for the best for her.
I'm losing the persons that I love one by one.
Is it me?
Is it my personality?
Am I that bad?
Am I?
I wish I could make it up to you, my dear.
But what could this weak, stupid, self-centered man do for you?
I truly am sorry for all of these.
I really am.

Sorry guys

I'm sorry if I didn't reply to your comments.
It's because the comment notification didn't work.
And I don't know why.
I will reply to your comments on my future posts.
Thanks for your support.
Good night.
It's 12.22 a.m.
So, good day. :)

Dustbin Beaver

Hey guys!
Okay, you might already know who I'm going to talk about.
It's Dust..uups..Justin Bieber.
He came and a had a concert somewhere in Selangor or whatever.
What I think about it?

Good in being BAD!

Me no likey Justin Bieber.

First thing i thought about his concert was is that why he has to do the concert on Wednesday?
On the day we all here in Malaysia have schools to go to.
Works to be done.
Why Wednesday and not Saturday where everyone here is on weekend holiday.

They all know that they got to be at school that day.
Why the fuck they could skip school just to hear his singing?!
Kids these days doesn't know which is good and which is bad anymore.
School = good
Bieber = BAD!

Why don't they just stay at home listen to his songs instead?
Going to his concert is useless!
Waste of time, waste of MONEY, and waste of self dignity!

These days, kids who got pregnant by an artist considered lucky.
Seriously guys.
Fuck off.
That's the proof kids these days don't know which is good and which is bad.

Third, he don't even have real talents!
There's millions of people that can sing BETTER than him.
Thousands of time BETTER than him!
Song writing/composing?
Fuck off!
He don't even write his own materials.
Even if he does, it sucks!
There are loads and loads of people out there that can do better than him!

Please people.
Listen to REAL MUSIC.
Not this kind of music.

Fuck off!
Those genres are the worst out there.

See ya!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Feeling down

Hey guys.
Like the title says, I'm feeling waaaaaaay down right now.
It's just..lately, my relationship with my gf is kinda hard right now.
I know it's my fault all the way.
Because I jealous too much.
It all started when she told me that a guy called him.(lets call him Mr. P)
So, then I wondered, why the fuck did he called her?
Why didn't she told me earlier?
Then, things starting to mess up in my head.
Thinking that they might be having something.
But then again...
So 2 days ago I took her to get some dinner.
As usual we went to Nursa, Laguna Merbok.
We talk like normal but then, I saw her deleting something in her phone.
I don't know what it is until now.
First time I saw her doing that I ignored her.
But, the second time I asked her, she told me she's deleting some pictures of her cat.
I believed her because I saw it.
Then, I took her phone and pretend to check her pictures , songs and videos.
My real intention was to check who called her and who she called.
Then as soon as I checked it, my hands were like....I don't know...
Guess what I saw?
Full of Mr.P.
Missed calls, received calls, numbers called.
She called him back!
I'm her BOYFRIEND and she didn't even call me!
I think I'm gonna cry right now.
I really do.
I know they have been friends for a long time.
Long before I knew her.
I know that guy, Mr.P, likes her too.
That's it.
I can't write anymore.
I'm just sad right now.
See ya.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sticker "P"

2 bullshits in less than 24 hours.
Hey guys.
Yesterday, one more bullshit happened to me.
What happened you ask?
Here's what happened ;
I got a ticket/summon because I didn't have "P" stickers on my dad's bike.
And guess what is the worst news?
He said to me, if I get caught with no "P" stickers by the JPJ (they're shit btw), my license will get suspended/cancelled.
I was like, WTF?!
Because of that stupid reason my license will get cancelled?!
That's not even a reason!
Like not having those stickers would kill someone!
JPJ bullshits, please go get the other guys who are the real danger to others!
I know I'm young and you guys can bully me.
They're just ILLOGICAL!
Here's the proof ;
Last year I got a ticket by a traffic police.
What was my wrong doings?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bad day to me

Okay guys, I'm kinda tired right now.
Because of the bullshits that happened to me just now!
What happened?
I ride my dad's bike to Bagan Ajam.
When it is almost there, it RAN OUT OF FUEL!
Good thing was my girlfriend willing to help me.
But, it took her almost 3 hours to get to me!
I ran out of fuel about 9.45 p.m and she arrived around 11.45 p.m.
But, to get the bike started is another thing!
It took me almost 1 hour to get it starting.
The battery is a SHIT!
Causing nothing but bullshit!
It died on me!
And guess what?!
That bike is so fucking heavy!
I'm not a strong guy, I'm a tiny guy!
Good thing there was some guys helped me pushed the bike and finally get the bike to start.
And about 12 p.m. midnight, we went home.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The return

Hey guys!
Finally, after 4 months!!
The CBR has finally returned to our home!
It has returned for 3 days now.(I think)
It looks like new to me.
Sounds awesome.
Ready to pop a wheelie. (I wish I knew how)
Anyway, it just got a new roadtax and now I can finally ride it since I already have a B Full license :D
Still need time to get used to it since I haven't ride it for so long.
I made a vlog about it too.
Check out my other blog :
Please support me on my vlog!
Thanks for your support!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Got a new headphone

Hey guys!
Long time no see!
Why I haven't posted any posts for a long time?
Well, I don't have any idea for all those times and I don't have the mood to do so.
Anyway, I just got a new pair of headphones.


I put it into full volume and play some metal songs,which is loud, and it sounds good!
It even vibrates and shakes my ears!

Anyway, that's all.
See ya guys later.