Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is this blog still alive?

Hey yaaa guys!
Yeah the blog is still alive.
But, I'm not.
*awkward silence*

Just kidding.
Of course I'm still alive.
Lately I've been busy with my life.
Never got the chance to update my blogs and my vlogs.

*He's lying. He had all the time but he's just lazy!*

Damn you evil side.
Okay, you got me.
I was too lazy actually.
I got nothing to say.
Complete blank!!
Even when I wanna make a vlog, it just turns into a riding video.
By the way, my English is getting worst and worst.
I need to start over.
Anyone care to come and talk English with me?
Ha? Ha?
*epic sad face*

Anyway, just wanna make sure that you guys know that I'm still alive and kickin'.

Oh, by the way, me and other biker guys planned on going to Cameron Highlands this Saturday.
I wish I could go if I had the money.
*sad face*
Really wanna go.
I hope I could go if one of the riders sponsored my fuel.
Just my fuel.
I don't care about foods!


Maybe that's all?

See ya!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guess who?

Isn't she pretty when she wears the scarf?
I've fallen in love again and again as I see her wear it.
But, she's not wearing it when going out. :(
She doesn't know how much I love seeing her like this.
Seriously, who could resist?
Comment please.