Monday, December 19, 2011


Plans could go wrong sometimes.
But, when it all went as planned, you can say loudly, "LIKE A BOSS!".
Well, for me, not yet.
I missed the date, the day and such.
Plans are ruined because of a stupid calendar.
So, today I hope I could fix it all back.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bike problem .

Early morning complaints....
Well, just now I went to take out the CBR's battery to be taken to be charged.
Then, I realized all my friends said that the CBR's butt is tilted or should I say 'senget'.
Anyway, I took out the side fairings to find out why.
Then, there's a rod that supports the pillion (back rider or passenger) is broken.
I was like, okay....
Sigh...Need to go to a welding store to weld that thing back together but then again, the battery has been sent to the workshop.
I can't start the bike.
So, I've decided to go and pick up the roadtax first then then pick up the battery then go weld the damn thing back together.
I don't think so.
Need some extra cash to do all those things.

Motorcycle Vlogging.

Wassup wassup wassup dudes and dudettes.
Yeah, I'm still alive.
Still kickin' the road....not really.
Well, the roadtax for the CBR died actually.
For almost a month now.
But 2 days ago, I went to renew it.
It costs about RM17++!
Can you believe that?!
Anyway, let's forget about that for now.
Today, I just wanna tell you guys that Andre started vlogging.
Motorcycle VLOGGING!
What's vlogging?
It's Video Blogging.
Like Anwar Hadi and Mat Luthfi but on motorcycle.
You get the picture.
So, please check out his channel and videos.
I'll put a link to his video.
Again, if you have a YouTube account please subscribe to him.