Monday, November 23, 2009

To Movie Producers!!

This are some tips for you guys

1.Don't use scripts from novels or comic because it should remain like that
2.Use better actors.
3.Be more matured!!!
4.Write scripts that won't fool stupid people (e.g Twilight's fan)


1.Movie that was based on novel or comic sucks alot. (e.g The Punisher)
2.Because producers always twist the story line from the actual novel or comic(e.g X- Men Origin: Wolverine)
3.Viewers are fed up with twisted story line!!
4.The visual effects are too much!Why use actors if you can use visual effect??
5.We want originality!!!!Use your own brain if you got one!!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No Bowlings..damn

No bowling?

damn it..I was waiting for it..

but nevermind.

News Update :
-New Girlfriend
-New mentor ( MUSE )
-Better on playing guitar
-Exam is done.....until next year
-What else?oh right...See You Soon!!