Sunday, October 30, 2011

Having fun?

I don't wanna start a blog war here but just a simple message to you.
Please, please oh, please look at yourself.
Are you proud being like that?
You like what you did?
You're not even 18 and you're like, wanna hang out every time.
You're a woman.
Be a woman!
Don't be an idiot and think what your responsibilities are.
You're in college.
Wooo!  Time to have fun! Let's hang out together!
You're just saying.
Yeah I get it.
If you said it then that means you want it!
Look at your language when you're writing your blogs!
I mean, are you proud with that?
Seeing a woman talking or writing like that.
It's your life and I don't have rights for you?
Well, I am your boyfriend right?
Still not enough?
Well, I don't wanna get into the religious part cause I know you'll be like, yeah yeah fine.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Look at yourself

You didn't understand even when I told you a lot of times.
I asked you to read your blogs (note the S) and to look at yourself.

Do I need to explain?

First of, you are a woman.
That's the first clue.

Still don't get it?
Well then, probably you're not a woman at all.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's more important?

I'm sick of everything.
I'm tired of drama.
I hate everything that happens.

I ask you ONE more fucking time.

Are you DONE having fun?
Or  are you still wanna go out with your friends and have fun?
NO, I'm not saying you're desperate.
NO, you wouldn't understand even if I tell everything to you.

You need to UNDERSTAND.
Now, I tell you one more time.

If you're not done having fun with your 'friends', DO NOT EVER come to me UNTIL you understand what I mean.

Still don't understand? 
Here's what I mean.

If you still in your own WORLD and just wanna LEPAK, KAROK, MAKAN AIS KRIM and what the fuck you always do, DON'T ever come to me until you stop doing it.

And FUCK NO, it doesn't mean if you did it today or yesterday or whenever the fuck you did, it's about YOU NEED TO STOP DOING IT!


Well, now that I told you, I guess you won't think anymore right?
Oh well, you never do.
Look at yourself.
Are you proud doing those things?
Are you?!
Oh guess what?
I guess you DO because You like doing those things!

Well, I guess I don't have to give a fuck anymore.
Because if you have read till this far, you SHOULD UNDERSTAND.
I'm sorry because I have to use the word FUCK in this one because I just don't give a FUCK anymore! 

So long fuckers!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Death of Marco Simoncelli aka SuperSic

Today, something tragic had happened in the world of motorcycle racing.
Marco Simoncelli or also known as SuperSic, died at Sepang International Circuit or we just call it Sepang due to his injuries from crashing.
It was a sad moment when I saw him crashed.
I was surprised when I saw him crashed.
I was hoping he would get up and walk away.
But he didn't.
I thought he was unconscious and hoping he could recover after.
When the race was cancelled, I knew something was wrong.
I saw some guy talking to each racer at the pit.
Seeing their face and thinking to myself "Is he dead?".
After I got to the internet, I was shocked about how right I was.
I felt like I wanna cry.
I felt like I wanna die.
Because I just saw a guy died in live tv.
It was very tragic!
He crashed on the 2nd lap.
At first, he fell from his bike but still trying to hang on to his bike.
But the bike gone swerving to Colin Edwards's and Valentino Rossi's path and got slammed by BOTH of them.
His helmet flew off right after the crash and he was sliding unconsciously on the track.
YES. His helmet FLEW off.
He died at such young age of 24 years old.
Anyway, the world of motorcycle racing will all mourn for his death.
Goodbye SuperSic.
We will miss you.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's near!

It's near!!
What's near?!
It's fucking near!!
What's fucking near?!
A bit too much eh?


Don't worry, I'm still fine at the moment.

So, what's near?
It's our anniversary.
3rd of November on Wednesday at 11.45 pm.
Hell yeah I remembered it!
Never forget about it.

Am I nervous?
Fuck YEAH!
We're gonna be together for 1 year now!
Am I happy?
Girl, you don't know how happy I am.

And this is our FIRST picture on our FIRST date.

That's all for today. Tata~

I CRASHED......Again!

I know right?
But nothing serious.
Just scrapped my right knee.
Pretty bad......
That's the only damage.
Oh, and a bruise on my left hips.
What happened?
I had a low side crash when trying to go for a corner.
Don't understand?
Of course.
You guys are not riders.
It means the rear tyre went sliding when I'm taking a corner which causing the bike to fall...along with me that is.
It wasn't my bike.
It was Andre's.
Poor him.
I crashed his bike like, 2 times already.
Wanna see the pictures?
Ahh...I'm too lazy to upload it.
Just go to my Tumblr to see it.
Or my Facebook.

My Photography Tumblr.

As the title says, I made a Tumblr for 'my' photography thingy.
I like photography but NOT editing pictures.
I like natural pictures because if you can get an amazing picture without editing, you ARE one truly amazing photographer.
Well, that's my point of view.
Nobody cares right?
Anyway, don't forget to drop by and follow me on Tumblr (if you have one).

Sorry guys!

Sorry guys.
I truly am.
I haven't updated this blog a long time.
It's just that I don't have any fucking idea what to write.
Well, I'm writing down soon so wait for the next post! =D