Thursday, February 26, 2009

Questions of the day....

1.Which driver does not need a license to drive??

Thats all i got no idea anymore...T_T


Vote for 'Ketua Pengawas and Exco'!?

As the title said....

I was 1 of the voters lol and i was like WATTAFAK!?
I have to vote 5 peoples and other 5 peoples for excos...and i was like WATTAFAK!?again
Shouldn't it have to be only 1 people??
Last words from me...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Questions of the day....

1.What do you call a fat guy who lies??
2.Which pineapple grew in the sea??
3.Why Mr Krab likes money??

1.A big fat liar
2.Spongebob's house
3.Because he is shellfish

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Me on the guitars!!

My songs



Things i want to say!

Bestfriends never forget what is friendship
even they lost their friends parmanently or for a short period
Bestfriends do things together full with happiness and energy
even in sadness they do happy things together...
Bestfriends last forever till you die
or until they betray you.....

My special time since i was born...

Being in London when i was 4 years old
Ride the
Being coupled....but i clashed 7 month later..nevermind that
Learned to play guitar,bass,drum and keyboard...yeah!
Made my own musics...3 or 4 songs now..Yeah!!
And lastly...having lots of good and best friends!!

My school!!

Proud to be in it!

My school!!SMK BAKAR ARANG!!!

Proud to use it!!

Me , myself and me!

Hey hey,

This is Hizman or u can call me iman.
I am 16 years old and my birthday was 27/jan/1993 or jan/27/1993
I live in Malaysia(home sweet home)
I like doing things like soccer,riding motorcycle,playing games,sleeping,watching tv and many more

Well thats all for now!