Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Raya room cleaning up.

I just cleaned my room!
And it's beautiful!
Well, not really.
Yup, I just did it just now.
At 5.30 a.m.
Right after sahur.

Have a look at these pics.



Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ride berbuka puasa at Alor Star

Hey guys.
I'm exhausted right now.
I just got back from a ride at about 12 pm just now.
Man..what a ride.
Although I was just a passenger, but man, it really was tiring.
I rode with my friend, Jebat (not a real name) and man, he rode pretty fast.
He didn't even ducked when speeding.
If it was me, I would surely has ducked.
We ate at one of our buddy's restaurant at Stargate Tesco near Alor Star Southern Toll.
What did I eat?
I ate some oranges,some oblongs, sandwiches and spagetti!
It was okay.
We all only have to pay RM5 each.
Talk about CHEAP!
Anyway, then we head to Nasi Kandar Nasmir.
Still in Alor Star.
After a cup of Teh Tarik, we head to Dataran Alor Star.
It has such a nice view.
Why did I say that?
It was the first time I went there.
I didn't go on any holidays with my family.
So, I decided to go by myself.
Easy right?
Oh, why did I become a passenger tonight?
Well, the CBR had to go to the workshop.
Actually, it's already done but my dad didn't pick it up yet.
I can't because by the time it is done I was already with the groups.
So, after we had some pics taken, we head back home.
One of our rider had some coolant leaking problem with his ER6n.
But, eventually we all got home safe and sound.
That's the most important thing right?
Anyway, I'm off.
Gotta rest.
See ya.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pay up!

Seriously, I hate waiting.
Hey guys.
Like I said, I hate waiting.
I have to wait till 20th August to get my pay?
Damn it!
Now what I'm gonna do?
Find another job and get paid LATE again?
How do you think I'm gonna survive?
Damn you Parkson!
Damn you all!
I wanna help my dad pay up the CBR's installment.
But, now what?
My dad probably paid it already.
Well, I'm still gonna give it to him anyway.
Anyway, it's Ramadhan.
I have to be patience right?
Anyway, Andre just got his new bike.
I thought about making a video about it.
But, since his friends were there, I didn't make any.
I was embarrassed of course.
Well, his bike is more powerful than Amer's.
REALLY powerful.
First and second gear could lift up the front tyre.
His bike got 3 modes.
Economy,Power and Normal.
Normal is where you ride like a normal bike.
Economy(ECO), well, you guessed it, it's for economical ride.
Saves more fuel. and less power.
Power(PWR), you get the point right?
Anyway, his bike is awesome.
Kinda like it.
Very light and nimble around corners.
Smooth gearing.
Best of all, it is a 6-SPEED(gears) super cub.
No other cubs could have 6-speed.
Clutch sensor is a bit annoying.
You have to pull in the clutch or you can't start the bike.
A bit rough.
But not a problem.
My only complain is, the rear seat is just too tiny!
I guess the bike is designed only to rode by a person.
No pillion is allowed.
Well, you could ride it.
But you WILL complain about it.
Lights,signals,dash are all good.
I'm kinda jealous because my dad's CBR doesn't have any rev light.
But he did.
It was cool yo!
The oil cooled,DOHC 150cc engine really did the job.
Very powerful.
But it gets hot easily.
I mean, even the screws get hot because of the heat from the engine!
But, not a problem.
Who wants to touch it anyway?
Unless they want to get rid of the cover suits.

Did I just made a review?
Well, I think so.

Well, see ya guys.
Might make another review.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

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Monday, August 1, 2011


それ別のスズキBelang Rスズキレイダーと呼ばれています

Can't understand?

Otoko ne e. Chōdo Google hon'yaku-ijiri. Sore wa tanoshimidesu! Mā, sore wa hontōni. Dakara, dō shita no EHdesu ka? Yoku, watashi no badi, andore wa, atarashii jitensha o satsuei suru! Sore wa betsu no kuni ni suzuki Belang R ya suzukireidā to yoba rete imasu. Kare wa kare no tame ni ie ni sore o toru tame ni watashi ni tazuneta. Naze? Kare wa, mochiron, nai raisensu o motte inai. Kare wa kōnaringu nitsuite kare o oshieru tame ni watashi ni tazuneta. Tsuini! DUDE! Anata wa, andore subarashiidesu. Watashi wa narimasushi, watashi wa anata o saidaigen ni o oshie shimasu. Tsumari, watashi wa yakusoku shimasu. Kare wa rojō de hiza o doraggu shite sanshō suru no o matsu koto ga dekinai. LOL. Mā, sore wa ima no tokoro subetedesu. Ya o sanshō shite kudasai.

Can't understand?

Hey guys.
Just messing around with google translate.
It's fun!
Well, not really.
So, what's up eh?
Well, my buddy, Andre, will be taking a new bike!
It's called Suzuki Belang R or Suzuki Raider on another country.
He asked me to take it home for him.
He got no license, of course.
He asked me to teach him about cornering.
You're awesome, Andre.
I will and I will teach you to the fullest.
THAT, I promise.
Can't wait to see him dragging knees on the street.
Well, that's all for now.
See ya.