Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dreaming of waking up

I had a wish.

A dream.

That some day when I got lay to rest my head.
Tight comfort sleep in my own bedroom.
I dream of going to sleep on my own but suddenly....
I woke up to realize there's a woman hugging me tight while she's sleeping.
Kissed her forehead and we slept together.
In the morning, there she is.
Making me breakfast for me.
Kissing me good morning and giving me a big smile.
As I was eating, I heard some shouts from upstairs saying,
"Good morning daddy!"
The kids rushing down to greet me.
Kissed by their mother.
Eating breakfast on the same table filled with love.
School bus is here!
We all rushed to the door accompanied by our beloved woman, my wife, their mother.
We waved goodbye to them as they climbed aboard the school bus.
There, my wife gave them the most beautiful smile ever to cheer the kids.
As the school bus goes, I start to put on my shoes, ready to leave for work.
The woman, my wife, grabs my hand, hold it in her's and kissed it.
When the word "I love you" comes out of her heart, I kissed her forehead once again.
As I get into the car, she stood there, looking at me with kindness, love, caring, worried and hoping.
I smiled back at her to let her know that everything is fine.
As I back up my car, she waved.
A hard wave as if she's not ready to see me leave.
A smile from me confirms my answer that I will be fine.

As the day passes, as my car going into the garage, she came running to the door.
She opened the door with a big smile of relieve.
A smile of love.
She greeted me, again, by kissing my hand and saying welcome home.
The kids, shouting "Daddy's home!" with full cheer.
She pulled my hand, inviting me to the dining table.
We sat there. Eating.
We asked each other about how our day went.

Kids are doing their homeworks.
While their mother teaches everything she could ever do.
As I was having my rest after a long day at work.

"Bed time!"
I shouted.
They all rushed to their bedrooms.
Kissed them goodnight.
"Goodnight, daddy. We love you."

As I lay my head on the pillow, she came besides me.
Hugging me tight.
Not wanting to let go.
Kissed her forehead.
"I love you."
Is heard from her mouth.

The next day I woke up.
I was shocked.
There was noone with me.
I looked at every direction, every corner of the room, looking for the woman.
And by that time, 

I realized....

It was just a mere dream.

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