Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It started from..... And now we're here. Part 1

Have I ever told you guys how my love life start with... you know who?

Well, tonight Imma tell you guys how!

Bitch and biatches, calm yo tits coz Imma start now.

It all started when my friend (name must remain secret but we'll call him PD), PD, who introduced her to me.

At first, PD and her were close buddies and I had no interest for her at all. AT ALL.

Then he offered me to know her. I got her phone number but I never text her until that one day.

So, long story short, me and another buddy, SI, were skipping our tuition, which she attend with us.

As we were passing by the tuition class, I saw her just arrived at the class while she was parking her bike.

I had my crazy mood that time and I decided to scream her name (she was called Bewak that time) "BEWAK!".

I didn't intend to make her notice but she did.

She turned at me and I forgot what happened next.

Me and SI went to the nearest cyber cafe to hang out.

While we were playing video games, at that time I made the decision to text her for the first time.

Guess what? She replied!

So, we texted, she even said "Beruk/monyet pi mana?"

We were texting for quite a while.

At that time, I had issues with my other ex girlfriend which my ex involved her in. (She had a boyfriend too)

I even got yelled by his brother cause he thought I was her boyfriend that he beat up before. LOL!

I was so ashamed that I never contacted her after.

So, one day, PD said to me, "Weh Man, Intan marah kat hang. Dia kata hang sombong lah apa lah."

I was like, "What the heck? I was ashamed and I don't want to burden you anymore."

So, back home, I texted her asking why and to apologize.

So, we started contacting again.

She let out her feelings to me about her boyfriend. I liked her so much that I actually helped her to be strong enough to break up. OR she had the strength all along. I don't know.

Once, I told her that I'm a bad person. Never good enough for her. I can hurt her feelings or self.

She was mad at for telling her that. (This is before we lost contact for a while)

We stayed up together (not literally, at each home that is) to watch FIFA.

She cheered for German. (German vs Portugal [I think])

Fun times.

She broke off with he boyfriend.

Then after a month or so, she has opened her heart for me then we are together!

I remember our first date. We went out to Taman Jubli and wore striped shirts. It wasn't intended but it was a cool coincidence.

We dated and dated.

She got a job at Central Square as a promoter for Hot Blood Woman.

Me? I was nothing. LOL.

Sometimes I picked her up after work. Even went there while she was working to see her.

I remembered that time when she lost her money.

We went for a lunch that time at CS's food court and I don't know how but she left her purse there.

We only noticed that until she wanted to buy a lotion or shampoo at Watson/Guardian.

She was like "Mana purse Orang?"

When she knew that she had left her purse, I quickly paid for the lotion/shampoo with my rm5 money which was the only money left on me. Yeah, I know. Sad. I was quite a bum that time. (even now).

After paying, I quickly ran to the food court which was on the 4th floor.

Found her purse but sigh... no luck.

She went back to her stall.

As I go to her, her friends and cousin (Panda) were trying to comfort her.

When they saw me coming, they gave way for me to get to her.

I don't know how but suddenly, which sitting down on the floor, she came to hug me!

I was kneeling to her and she... there... hugging me.

I even remember that I said to her that "Takpa. Mana tau pencuri tu turun escalator tersangkut jatuh mati ka.".

And she burst out laughing! That was the happiest moment of my life! Seeing her smile like that....


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