Saturday, August 22, 2015

Real Imagination

As I laid down the spanner, the nut has fallen through a tiny space.
"Ah damn it", I cursed.

I had to crawl under the car, reached through the tiny engine bay from below to find the 12mm nut.
It was awful, I had to say.

"AHAH! Gotcha!"

Threw the nut into a plastic bowl and I carried on with the work.

The workshop is getting slow lately.
I kinda have some time for myself.
Less major repairs for quite some time, now.

It is already 12p.m.
I'm still at the workshop hoping to reinstall both of the drive shafts back to the gearbox.
Then I heard a voice calling me from outside the workshop.
I gazed a bit to see my wife standing trying to find where exactly I am.
Called her and when she saw me she quickly came to me.

"Hey, I brought pizza!", she happily said.
"Cool! I'm starving here. Good thing you came by."

She puts the pizza and the drinks on the table and set our late supper.

"Hold on, I'll be there. Just let me tighten this last bolt."

She's ready at the mini table I've set at the corner of the shop and passes me a drink as soon as I sat besides her.

"You're smelly!", she said jokingly.
"Smelly ehh? Come here you!", as I hugged her from beside into my arm.
"Smell that!"
"Ewwwww..", followed by a loud laugh.

As we eat our supper, we talk about our day.
She's working all day and I'm stuck here at the workshop for almost the whole day.
This is like the only time we have for each other every day.
Sometimes, if she's too tired, she'd just go straight home and rest.

"Today, a customer yelled at me."
"Why so?", I asked.
"Well, I kinda said that I'm a married woman. Happily married to a great man.", she said.
"He was hitting on you eh?", I added.
"Kind of. I'm getting tired of this kind of customers.", she complained.
"Well, you're the most beautiful woman ever.Who wouldn't want to have you? I'm lucky to have you."
Hearing that, she blushed and I saw a shy smile on her face.

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